Czech Criminology Review 1–2/2021


Introduction for the special issue of Czech Criminology Review
Alena Marešová


The pitfalls of revising crime information systems: A case study of the justice department
Šárka Blatníková, Petr Zeman

Official criminal court data: An examination of their reliability
Tomáš Vanča, Jakub Drápal

InfoSoud dataset and its possibilities for researchers:
Do courts impose harsher sentences after a protest against a penal order is filed?

Jakub Drápal, Jan Vávra

The law enforcement administrative data for analyses based on statistical time series models: example of drug policies
Benjamin Petruželka

Classification errors in police statistics on criminal offenses with an extremist context
Václav Walach, Benjamin Petruželka

Personal data protection in criminological research
Karolína Nová, Jakub Drápal


What statistics (don’t) tell us about victims of crime
Michaela Roubalová

After much anticipation, the police have released detailed data on crime
Jan Cibulka

SARPO and statistics of everyday penitentiary practice
Michal Petras, Jindřich Hůrka

Revision of crime statistic sheets and reports in Slovakia: Ten things we would do differently
Maroš Terkanič, Daniela Gálisová


"We provide data to scientists and can report good experiences with how our information is used" An interview with Václav Jonáš
Jakub Drápal

"The biggest hurdles when utilising data on convicts are time and the art of working with such data" An interview with Lucie Mäsiarová
Jakub Drápal


Information on the preparation of a new information system
Jan Rozum, Michaela Roubalová



Oto Novotný - criminologist and inspirator
Jan Musil

Oto Novotný looks back on criminology in the 1950s and 1960s
Jakub Drápal

Oto Novotný, Research Institute of Criminology and the Year of 1968
Miroslav Scheinost

On Punishment and Imprisonment by Oto Novotný
Aleš Kýr


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