Safety perception in a high-risk region

The study is based on data from a sociological survey conducted in 2017 in North Bohemia – a high-risk region both in terms of crime and existing social problems. The aim of the article is to identify differences and important determinants of perceived security within sub-regions of the analyzed area. Using a logistic regression analysis, we found that not only perceived neighborhood disorganization but mainly perceived tension between social groups is a strong predictor of perceived security. On the other hand, the analysis did not show any substantial influence of socio-demographic characteristics. The inter-groups tension represents a particular measure of concerns nevertheless it probably covers a broader scope of local problems including the social exclusion issue. The authors discuss the outcome as a special feature in the context of theories of disorganization, incivility and strain.

feeling of security; social exclusion; region; disorganization; tension

Pavel Kuchař, Jiří Buriánek



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