Discrimination and crime motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity: Online survey among LGBT+ people in Czechia

There is a lack of information concerning discrimination and crime motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity in the Czech Republic. This paper aims to contribute to existing knowledge on sexual/gender discrimination and hate crime as experienced by LGBT+ people. It is based on data acquired via online survey. A large part of respondents reported sexual/gender discrimination during both their lifetime (63 %) and in last 12 months (23 %). The prevalence of hate crime is even higher. 89 % respondents were victimized during their lifetime and 51 % respondents in the last 12 months. Fewer respondents reported at least one case of victimization to the police (6 %) or non-governmental organizations (24 %). The findings draw attention to the discrepancy between the high prevalence of hate crime victimization and the low number of respondents who decided to report their victimization.

hate crime; discrimination; LGBT+; sexual orientation; gender

Benjamin Petruželka, Václav Walach, Klára Kalibová



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