Quasi-compulsory treatment and security detention: the alternatives or communicating vessels?

The paper discusses relation between the quasi-compulsory treatment and the security detention and risks associated with shortcomings in the current system of recording and reporting data on their application. It describes a development of legal provisions regulating conditions for the imposition of both measures and points out the gradual extension of these conditions in regard to the security detention. It explains why the current official databases containing criminal justice data cannot provide reliable, accurate and comprehensive information on the use of quasi-compulsory treatment and security detention. It uses data gathered from different sources in the framework of recent research by IKSP to show to what extent official data differ from reality. Final part of the paper discusses the possible future changes in application of both measures and emphasizes the importance to improve current official databases for getting reliable grounds for such considerations.

quasi-compulsory treatment; security detention; data sources

Šárka Blatníková, Petr Zeman



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