Consensual violent sex as a sensitive topic in surveys?

The paper focuses on the extent to which the BDSM topic can be considered as sensitive. Nevertheless, two-thirds of respondents from a representative sample of Czechs were willing to answer the block of questions on this subject. The willingness was slightly lower only in the oldest people and a slightly higher in individuals preferring to take risks and to tolerate violation of norms; the overall willingness to answer the questions was, however, quite high in all categories. There was no strong evidence of either a link to a specific attitude or a more general tendency to choose „do not know“ answers. The potential controversy of the subject seems to be offset by the management of impression: Czechs tend to present themselves as liberal and open, especially in the field of sex. This gives a fairly good chance to further empirical reserach in this area.

sensitive questions, consensual violence, sex, questioning techniques

Lucie Špráchalová, Jiří Buriánek



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