Czech public on the way from the fear of crime to worries of corruption

The paper examines recent developments in fear of crime in the Czech Republic. The dynamics of fear and concerns are on the rise, although the standard measure of fear has reached an average, stabilized level when compared to the rest of Europe. However, there is another emerging subject of concern, maybe even a new scapegoat for the public’s worries – corruption. This text demonstrates an evident increase in concerns about corruption as well as instances of bribery in everyday practice. Although the transition to democracy in the Czech Republic after 1989 offered a picture of a “tolerant” society, accepting the necessary social costs of change, the conclusion about “risk normalization” is not quite valid when it comes to corruption: the concerns about corruption go beyond the sphere of public opinion (i.e. attitudes) as Czech citizens exhibit high involvement in bribery in everyday life. The increase in concerns about corruption also presents a serious risk with respect to people’s trust in the social system and its key institutions.

fear of crime, concerns, corruption, public opinion

Jiří Buriánek



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