The analysis of pecuniary punishment in the form of day fines in the Czech Republic

In 2010 the pecuniary punishment started to be defined in the form of day fines. So far, however, no analysis of its functionality has been made. The aim of the article is to find out if the new concept works in reality or if it stays only on the paper. The results of author´s research suggest that the concept of day fines does not function well in the Czech Republic. Even though richer offenders get slightly higher pecuniary punishments (and higher day fines) in absolute numbers, they receive relatively lower punishments than poorer offenders. It seems that the concept of day fines does not work either in the proportion of one day fine to the wealth of an offender or in the proportion of the number of day fines to the seriousness of an offense. Several partial results such as differences in sentencing between male and female judges or their opinions about day fines are discussed as well.

pecuniary punishment, day fines, sentencing, fine, equality

Drápal, J.



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