Roma Mentoring: a service supporting the performance of alternative sanctions imposed to Roma clients of the PMS CR

The NGO RUBIKON Centum provides Roma Mentoring Service designed for Roma clients of the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (PMS CR) who came into conflict with the law and on whom an alternative sanction or measure have been or may be imposed. Roma Mentoring helps to work more efficiently with these clients through guidance and constructive advice provided by Roma mentor (trained layman). The purpose of the service is to motivate the clients to successfully fulfill conditions of imposed alternative sentence or measure and to reduce the risk of relapse and social exclusion. In 2014 the Demographic Information Centre carried out research which focused on effectiveness of Roma Mentoring Service concerning performance of alternative sanctions and measures imposed on Roma clients of the PMS CR. The research has confirmed that the service helps to overcome obstacles, which impede the fulfillment of

Roma Mentoring, alternative sanctions, crime prevention, PMS CR

Demner, M., Šťastná, A., Baslová, M.



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