An idea to establish a new scientific journal, which would inform about important events and scientific outcomes in the field of criminology and social prevention, and bring together academics and practitioners, was already born at 2nd Criminological Days in České Budějovice. During 2014 and 2015 we have therefore worked hard to create web pages of the journal, which was named The Czech Criminology, and then published its first autumn issue.

At the first place the reader is acquainted with the history of the Czech criminology, problems of the imposition of monetary penalties or work specifics of the Probation and Mediation Service in the Czech Republic. Report section offers information about XVII. World Congress of the International Society of Criminology in Monterey, XIV. Conference of the European Society of Criminology held in Prague or 3th Criminological Days, which were hosted by the Department of Social Pathology and Sociology at the Faculty of Education in Hradec Králové earlier this year. The number then concludes by the review of a new textbook Criminology of Grivna, Zoubková, Scheinost et al.

We would like to wish The Czech Criminology Journal to get wider expert and lay public´s attention quickly, be recognized as a Czech peer-reviewed journal and provide a platform for the substantive discussion, which would further develop the Czech criminology and strengthen its position within the academic community.

1st November 2015


Eva Krulichová



Czech Criminology – Long Tradition, Promising Present
Hedvika Boukalová, Jiří Buriánek, Zuzana Podaná, Miroslav Scheinost, Hana Fidesová

Does Pecuniary Punishment Relative to the Wealth of the Offender
promote (in)equality?

Jakub Drápal

The Fifteenth Anniversary of the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic:
What Can We Wish the Honoree (in Terms of Criminological Research)?

Jan Tomášek, Jan Rozum


Conference 3th Criminological Days
Stanislava Hoferková, Tereza Raszková

XVII. World Congress of the International Society of Criminology (ISC)
Miroslav Scheinost, Petr Zeman

XIV. Conference of the European Society of Criminology (ESC)
Jiří Buriánek


Review of the Gřivna, T., Zoubková, I., Scheinost, M. et al. monography (2014): Criminology (4. edition)
Hana Fidesová




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