Měření závislosti na zdrojích ve vztahu v kontextu výzkumu partnerského násilí

Název článku anglicky:
Measurement of dependency in the context of intimate partner violence research

The paper explores the potential of a newly created questionnaire for measuring non-patological dependency in intimate partner relationships. Dependency is defined by the extent in which seven key resources are available thanks to a relationship with concrete partner. The resources cover finance, love and caring, sex, respect, social status, information and services and support in stressful events. Individual dependency, as well as its distribution in couples were measured in Czech pilot study in 2018 (n = 99, including 41 pairs). The results indicate good psychometric qualities of the questionnaire. It is suggested that the tool could be used for empirical verification of the theoretically expected association between dependency on resources in relationship and intimate partner violence.

Klíčová slova:
relationship dependency; partner violence; social exchange; resource dependency scale; inequality of resources in relationship

Pavla Malvotová


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