Efektivita rodinných skupinových konferencí v podmínkách České republiky

Název článku anglicky:
The effectiveness of family group conferences in the Czech Republic

The article summarizes findings of the research, which focused on family group conferences and an experience with their application in the framework of the youth justice system in the Czech Republic. One of the main objectives of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of this restorative measure, based on criteria that are used in similar foreign criminological studies. The results suggest that the model, derived from New Zealand's "Whanau Conferences" is an effective way to meet the basic needs of crime victims where appropriate. Favorable results are also found with respect to subsequent reoffending. Family group conferences can therefore be described as a measure that has a potential to enrich Czech justice system with another interesting and effective alternative. At the same time, however, this is an extremely demanding measure, both from the point of view of the implementers as well as victims, perpetrators and their family members.

Klíčová slova:
family group conferences, restorative justice, reoffending, youth justice

Jan Tomášek, Simona Diblíková, Jan Rozum


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