Vývoj kriminologie na právnických fakultách v Praze v letech 1918-2018

Název článku anglicky:
The Development of Criminology at the Faculties of Law in Prague in 1918-2018

Criminology in Czechoslovakia has been for the most of the 20th century studied and taught primarily at the faculties of law; the key role was played by Charles University. This article describes several rises and falls of criminology at the faculties of law in Prague. It firstly focuses on the development of criminology in the Institute of Criminology at Faculty of Law of Charles University in 1926-1948 and the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law of German University in Prague. The article then discusses the organization of the Criminology Center within the department of criminal law at Faculty of Law of Charles University in the 1960‘s and recounts the founding of the Research Institute of Criminology of the General Prosecutor‘s Office with which researchers at Charles University had strong personal ties. Finally, the development after the Soviet occupation in 1968 and the Velvet revolution in 1989 is outlined.

Klíčová slova:
development of criminology, faculty of law of Charles University, Research Institute of Criminology, Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention

Jakub Drápal


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