Životní cyklus trestného činu z nenávisti: tři scénáře

Název článku anglicky:
Lifecycle of a hate crime: three scenarios

This paper presents findings from a qualitative research targeted at the prosecution of hate crimes in the Czech Republic. Based on interviews with judges, prosecutors, attorneys, offenders and victims, three scenarios of the lifecycle of a hate crime are formulated – ideal, inauspicious and plausible. The scenarios consist of model situations that reflect criminal proceedings from police investigation to conviction and that allow to demonstrate six factors which influence the qualification and prosecution of an offence as a hate crime. The main objective of this paper is to identify key moments of criminal proceedings concerning hate crimes in the Czech context. This can help to detect the problematic aspects of criminal justice system that hinder the effective solving of hate crimes.

Klíčová slova:
hate crime, criminal proceedings, scenarios, criminal justice system

Petr Kupka, Klára Kalibová, Václav Walach, Vendula Divišová


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