Česká kriminologie – dlouhá tradice, slibná současnost

Název článku anglicky:
Czech criminology – long tradition, promising present

This article aims to introduce the reader of a new magazine to the context of thinking about crime in the Czech Republic, both at the level of theory and research. In this regard, we consider it crucial to outline the development of Czech criminology, its long tradition and promising present, and inform about main directions of current research in the field. The second task appears certainly more difficult since it forces us to make a selection and our criteria of any such selection may become the subject of dispute. It is to present the most important projects, which – paradoxically – cross the horizons of the Czech basin and integrate the Czech Criminology into a wider, international context.

Klíčová slova:
Czech criminology, fear of crime, criminal policy, organized crime, drug problem, forensic psychology

Boukalová, H., Buriánek, J., Podaná, Z., Scheinost, M., Fidesová, H.


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